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Blue Hawaiian Goes Green

Blue Hawaiian, the largest and most successful aerial tour company in Hawaii, has been committed to green leadership throughout their long history. Haleakala Solar’s Jim Whitcomb explains, “Blue Hawaiian presented us with substantial energy requirements, especially given their FAA Certified Service Center which draws power for mechanical and maintenance equipment, compressors, electric tools, and sophisticated devices like a state-of- the-art flight simulator. In addition, their two Operations Center buildings are fully air-conditioned and contain extensive computer networks, interior display enhancements, guest services, water features, and so on.

Not only were we able to work with Blue to create an ideal solution, but we also incorporated an automatic washing system that keeps the panels running at peak efficiency. Blue Hawaiian is happy to report that, on average, their system is handling over 90 percent of their electrical requirements on Maui.
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  • Investor Name Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
  • Location Maui, Hawaii
  • Value N/A
  • Architect Haleakala Solar