Jim Whitcomb Discusses Hawaii Solar Future On Akaku

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Jim Whitcomb Discusses Hawaii Solar Future On Akaku

Hawaii’s Solar Future Is At A Crossroads

Jim Whitcomb deiscusses Hawaii Solar future and HECO energy planAkaku’s TV program, Crossroads, put an important spotlight on the proposed HECO energy plan that the PUC will be deciding on in the near future. The show hoped to motivate the public to express their comments and thoughts about the new energy plan to the PUC, who is accepting public comments until Monday, October 6th. The public will be very much affected by what happens with these new policies and yet a lot of the public don’t even know that anything is being decided right now. So, that’s why this discussion about this topic is so important.

The host of the show, Lucienne DeNaie, sat down with three special guests in the Hawaii energy field, Brad Albert from Rising Sun, Daniel Grantham, Energy Committee Chair of Sierra Club Maui, and Jim Whitcomb from Haleakala Solar, the longest standing solar company in Hawaii.

Special guests on Crossroads TV show discuss Hawaii Solar and HECO

Topics covered in depth were:

• the provision to charge solar system users a higher fee
• the need to upgrade the grid to accommodate more clean renewable energy, and what that takes in terms of funding and infrastructure
• what does solar industry need to survive and thrive?
• were solar industry reps invited to the recent (August) MECO public briefing?
• Is it likely that more solar users will go off grid? What are the factors that would influence that?

Here is a short segment of the show. Jim Whitcomb expresses his thoughts about the HECO energy plan and suggests a good solution.

It was quite an informative program leaving you eager to hear more. All of the guests made excellent comments and gave informed insights, urging the public to email the PUC with their concerns about Hawaii’s solar future. You may view the entire show by visiting this link: Crossroads.

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