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Hawaii’s Best – Haleakala Solar

Hawaii Business Magazine just recently published an article about Hawaii’s Best Founders and Visionaries of 2012, and guess who they featured in their article. Haleakala Solar was featured as one of the Hawaii’s best. You may read the article below:

2012 Founders and Visionaries – Hawaii’s Best

Haleakala Solar – Hawaii’s Solar Experts Since 1977

James Whitcomb, CEO, Haleakala Solar
James Whitcomb, CEO, Haleakala Solar

One day in 1976, Jim Whitcomb experienced the power of solar water heating while living in a home with a solar hot-water system. Sunny days back then meant plenty of hot water. “I decided this was so cool I better get into the business before everyone else discovered it,” says Whitcomb, the CEO of Haleakala Solar. “It only took 30 years for everybody else to figure it out.” 

Haleakala Solar, a licensed engineering, contracting and service company dedicated to the solar industry, began with just one man, Whitcomb, and installed its first solar system in March 1977. Now, more than 35 years later, the company proudly employs 172 people, and has expanded its offerings tremendously, adding engineering, financing and consulting services. Haleakala comprises three showrooms and two operations centers, with plans to open two additional showrooms and two more operations centers on Kauai and the Big Island. “We also intend on hiring another 60 employees to staff the expansion,” Whitcomb says.

Their secret to longevity? Whitcomb says it’s the employees and their dedication to the customer experience. “We provide high-quality workmanship, very competitive prices, and we are here to service our clients after the system has been installed,” he says. Haleakala’s ability to provide comprehensive service from the decision to install solar through the life of the system may be what customers enjoy most.

“We design and engineer the systems. We finance the systems. Then, we install and service the systems,” Whitcomb says. “All of these services are done with in-house, local employees.”

The company also refuses to settle and constantly strives for excellence. “We provide every customer with a customer satisfaction survey and use the comments to improve our installations and our operations,” Whitcomb says. “We also use it as a method to award bonuses and pay raises.”

Haleakala Solar has proven it can withstand the test of time, along with its products, many of which have been going strong for decades. Remaining dedicated to providing the best possible service to its customers, the company has been able to marry modern technology and traditional values in ways that resonate with their clients.

“We have been in business for over 35 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau,” Whitcomb says.  “We provide long-term service and customer care to every client.  We have clients who have their children and their children’s children choose Haleakala Solar to take care of their solar needs.”

Please visit the Hawaii Business Magazine website to view the entire article.

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